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Choosing the right system for your environment should be a task left to experts, as installing the wrong system can be a very bad investment. Between us, we have 60 years of experience recommending and installing the correct flooring at facilities across the UK. Following a thorough assessment of your floors (Area Site Survey), We will recommend the best system for you and take care of your whole project from concept to creation.

...And even homes

We also install 'Resin Bound' exterior surfaces that are suitable for both commercial and domestic settings. These high performance resin bonded aggregate surfaces are perfect for driveways, path, patios and anywhere else you would usually expect to find traditional paving or stone. Just like our other products these surfaces can be installed quickly, are low maintenance, highly durable and best of all they look fantastic.

Our interior resin flooring and exterior resin bonded surfaces offer these great benefits -

Cost Effective

The benefits of having our hi-performance floors installed over 'traditional' finishes include safety, durability and being low maintenance.

Fast Installation

We can get our flooring and surface applications installed quicker than the competition due to our expert team and proprietary installation system.

Highly Durable

We only use the latest techniques and the finest materials. Meaning all our flooring solutions are incredibly hard wearing ensuring a long life.

Minimal Maintenance

One of the most attractive benefits our floors provide in any setting is that they require very little maintenance over their entire lifetime.

Great Looking

Flooring is one thing people notice when entering your premises, especially if it's in bad shape. Our solutions transform spaces and look modern.
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Hi-Performance Resin Floors

Kealy Industrial Flooring Specialise in Resin Flooring That Performs

Teaming up with a global partner who has been developing the highest quality flooring seals and mortar systems since 1950s, our high performance floors provide a great return on investment. Our flooring is extremely versatile, hardwearing and with the correct ongoing maintenance will perform for many years, ensuring that your facility continues to wow your customers and provides a great working environment for your employees.

As an Owner or Managing Director of a manufacturing or engineering company, you often have to juggle a lot of jobs without much help. Keeping your facility looking good can easily move to the bottom of your priority list, however we all know that first impression counts. Flooring is often the first thing your prospective customers, employees and suppliers will notice when they enter your facility. Cracked floors, oil spillages from older machines, dust and production debris does not make for a great first impression and more importantly, is not a safe environment to work in.

Resin Bound Exterior Surfaces

The Same Hi-Performance, Quality And Expertise For Your Exterior Surfaces

Made from a hi-tech mixture of top quality resin compounds and traditional decorative aggregates our resin bonded exterior surfaces are perfect for both commercial and domestic applications.

Giving excellent performance, durability and great looks these low maintenance and self draining water permeable surfaces are available in a massive assortment of colours to suit any environment. This makes them perfect for any location where you would normally expect to see concrete, gravel, paving or tarmac.

We use our expertise gained from years in the industrial resin flooring industry and apply this to our exterior resin bound services too. This guarantees that our clients are getting the finest service possible from ‘concept to creation’ with no corners cut. The final product will be a incredible looking car park, driveway or outside space that will last for years to come with minimal maintenance.

About Chris Kealy

A good listener, knowledgeable, innovative and dedicated, I like a challenge!

My motto being 110% input to gain 150% output. Having previously worked for a major flooring company, finally as Managing Director, I successfully put into place a long term strategy which had a significant impact on the company’s bottom line.

In a consultancy capacity I’ve put into practice my specialist knowledge by supporting owners and SME’s in the Midlands area.

Having itchy feet and keen to get back into flooring, I’ve embarked on setting up my own business, Kealy Industrial Flooring, with a strong emphasis on providing a knowledgeable, thorough and reliable service to customers in the Midlands and surrounding Regions.

I am passionate about floors and with over 30 years’ experience in the flooring industry delivering many 1000s sqm of projects covering all manufacturing sectors such as automotive, aerospace, pharmatceutical and chemical.

Chris Kealy

– Managing Director of Kealy Industrial Flooring





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